How to THRIVE in the
Digital Marketing Revolution

Training Workshop / February 9th in Houston, TX

Dear Friend and Fellow Business Owner,

As a small business owner, your online presence and how you use the internet to market your business is more important today than EVER before.

The problem is most small business owners are still in the dark when it comes to digital marketing.

How do you know what to focus on?

Which social media platform is best?

How do you best leverage e-mail marketing?

What should you do about your website?

In this full day seminar, we’ll be your guide through the pitfalls of the ever changing digital world.

You’ll finally learn HOW to streamline your marketing systems, have more fun doing it, have less stress in the middle of it, and to KNOW you are doing the RIGHT things!

Here’s what you’ll learn…

Workshop Agenda

Session 1: How to Create a Successful Online Strategy
for Your Small Business
- Howard Partridge

Howard doesn’t consider himself to be an “expert” on internet marketing, but he IS an expert on small business strategy.

Learn how to avoid being sucked into the black hole of the digital world and what to focus on and why.

Howard has successfully used the internet for many years, and continues to thrive online today.

In this session, he will share how to leverage his simple internet marketing systems.

Session 2: How to Double Your Income with E-Mail Marketing  

How much is your monthly income? How do you feel about that number? How would you feel if that number was DOUBLE what it is now?

What if I could share one small tweak you can make in your company that would do that? What if there was one single gem that you’re overlooking that could create more sales for you almost immediately?

What is that hidden gem?

It’s called Phenomenal E-Mail Marketing

One of Howard’s most potent strategies is e-mail marketing.

How do you get people on your list?
What do you send them?
How often should you e-mail?
And how do you turn them into customers?

In this session, he will show you a number of e-mail examples and strategies and help you craft powerful, persuasive e-mail copy that will be relevant to your perfect leads. 

Lunch included: Q&A with the Digital Marketing Team

Ask the entire teaching team any question you like about digital marketing.

Session 3: How to Thrive with Social Media

Most think of social media as a "free" marketing channel.

Howard WASTED over $50K on Facebook alone with so called “digital marketing agency” a couple of years ago.

Preparation can take hours of seeking, discovering & creating the content to engage your audience, followed by scheduling the posts, replying to questions & comments left by followers & repeating with new content continually so that you don't loose momentum.

In the midst of this process, campaign analyzation is critical to ensure that the content is relevant AND engaging.

Are you overwhelmed just reading this?

If anything besides clicking the "like" button on social media leaves you baffled wondering where to start, we'll help you simply a process you can maintain.

In this session, you’ll be taken behind the curtain to see how social media actually works.

Once you understand how everything actually works, you can then figure out what strategies will work for you.


Session 4: Your Digital Marketing Action Plan

Digital marketing can be leveraged to your advantage!

In this session, we’ll bring it all together so you can IMPLEMENT as soon as you leave! Together, we'll create a plan where you can dominate online in your niche. 

Review your plan with Howard his faculty that have years of experience behind their belt.

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Workshop Location

DoubleTree Hilton at Hobby Airport
8181 Airport Blvd., Houston, TX 77061
Phone: (713) 645-3000

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