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How to Create Phenomenal Profits in Your Business So You Can Live the Life You Want to Live

Dear Friend and Fellow Business Owner,  

If you want to make more money in your business, then THIS is the conference for you!  

Sadly, most small businesses don’t make the profit they should make, even if their sales are good.  

Do you know exactly where your financial position is in your business right now?  

If you don’t, you’re not alone. Many small business owners don’t have access to the data they need to run their business profitably. Recently, I was coaching a business owner that does over $1 Million in revenue and he has never done a profit and loss statement. As long as he had cash, life was good. But one day, the cash ran out!  

At this conference, you’ll learn everything you need to know to transform your business from a cash-eating monster to a money-making machine!  

I hope to see you in Houston!  

Howard Partridge President of Phenomenal Products, Inc. International Business Coach  


Engage with industry leaders who will transform the way you think about growth.


President & CEO

Phenomenal Products, Inc.


Conference Keynote Seaker

Author of Profit First


Proud Son of Zig Ziglar 

CEO of Ziglar, Inc.


Inner Circle Coach 

Phenomenal Products, Inc.


Founder & CEO

Prince Performance Group


Inner Circle Coach  

Phenomenal Products, Inc.


Business Consultant  

Execlife® Training & Coaching


Financial Expert  

Business UNcomplicated

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Day 1 Sessions

How to Make Phenomenal Profits in Your Business – Howard Partridge

In this session, I’ll share my journey from welfare to two hugely profitable businesses…  

  • What I’ve learned about money 
  • How my business went from deep in debt to extremely profitable
  • How I got debt-free 
  • Why you should make more money than you are now 
  • What profits help you do for others  

Conference Keynote Profit First – How to Make Your Business By Your Next Deposit Mike Michalowicz 

By his 35th birthday MIKE MICHALOWICZ (pronounced mi-‘kal-o-wits) had founded and sold two multi-million dollar companies. Confident that he had the formula to success, he became an angel investor…and proceeded to lose his entire fortune.  

Then he started all over again, driven to find better ways to grow healthy, strong companies. Among other innovative strategies, Mike created the “Profit First Formula”, a way for businesses to ensure profitability from their very next deposit forward.  

At the end of Mike's session...

  • You'll understand the behavioral flaw in traditional accounting that actually prevents profit, and the simple fix that puts profit first (without doing anything to your accounting).
  • You will master a super simple cash management system that allows you to keep your finger on the pulse of your financials, just by logging into your bank account.
  • And leverage the power of Parkinson's Law - the behavioral mechanism that saved the lives of 3 astronauts and will immediately put your business on profitable maximizing course. 

Networking Lunch Included

Half-Day Implementation Workshop with Howard Partridge and Santiago Arango 

"Discover How to STOP Being a SLAVE to Your Business and Transform It Into a Predictable Profitable, Turnkey Operation!"

 Do you remember WHY you went into business for yourself?  

Was it to make a lot of money? Or was it to be your own boss - to chart your own course - to have a little more "free time"?  

Yeah right!  

The brutal reality of most small business owners lives is you feel like a slave to the business, there's very little family time, there's major stress, you feel like you have a "job" rather than a business, and your day is consumed putting out "brush fires".  

I have.  

I started my first business out of the trunk of my car over 30 years ago. After 13 long years, I found myself feeling like a slave to my business. I loved to travel, but spent much of the "vacation" on the cell phone dealing with clients or employees. Can you relate to that?  

In this half-day special seminar, you’ll learn the same systems Howard used to transform his company into a multi-million $$$, turnkey operation that is predictable, profitable and turnkey... directly from him and his right hand man, Santiago Arango.  

You’ll learn… 

  • How to Stop Being a Slave to Your Business 
  • How to Build a Phenomenal Dream Team 
  • How to Generate an Unlimited Supply of Perfect Prospects 
  • How to Close More Sales at Higher Prices 
  • How to Build Systems in Your Business  

"Would you agree that your small business can have a dramatic impact on your personal life?"

You bet it can. Every decision you make in your business affects your life. The good news –the phenomenal news - is that impact can be positive instead of negative.

In 1997, I learned two secrets that changed my life forever...

 I learned that to escape being a prisoner of my business, I had to have systems in place. So I took a week off and went to my favorite beach in Florida and spent a week there re-writing my life and business.  

The result? My business grew into a multi-million dollar turnkey enterprise with a staff of 40 that love their jobs! They run my companies for me so I can do what I love (helping other small business owners).  

About 20 years ago I began training small business owners on the systems I developed. Small businesses around the world are experiencing record sales and profits and getting their businesses organized and systematized.  

Since that time, some of the world's top business trainers such as Michael Gerber (the world's #1 small business guru according to Inc. Magazine) and Zig Ziglar (the world's #1 motivational speaker) and John Maxwell (the world's #1 leadership expert) have been on my stage. 

If you would like to...

  • Have a proven road map to follow that eliminates the guesswork (from someone who has already done what you want to do - and helped thousands do the same) - How to Get More Customers
  • Generate an unlimited supply of high-end clients (the kind that care more about quality than price, so you can get rid of price shoppers)…
  • Close more sales at higher prices consistently, overcome price objections and sell more of your services (regardless of what the "competition" is doing)...
  • Get your business organized and systematized (so you can stop feeling like a slave to your business and have more time off)...
  • Price your services for MAXIMUM PROFIT (so you don't have to work 24/7 to just get by)...
  • Get your employees to do what you want, when you want it (so you won't have to do everything yourself)
  • Reach more of your goals in life and business (so you can have the lifestyle you want)

In this half-day special seminar, you’ll learn the same systems Howard used to transform his company into a multi-million $$$, turnkey operation that is predictable, profitable and turnkey... directly from him and his right hand man, Santiago Arango.

Networking Dinner Included Best Practices of Howard’s Most Successful Inner Circle Members  

“The Business is taking off! Huge Marketing Accomplishments!”

“The Inner Circle is a Game Changing Experience for Me and My Business!”

“I Fired Myself! My Business is Finally Turnkey”

Enjoy dinner with members that are using Howard’s systems to grow their businesses, and find out what they are doing to build the business of their dreams and have the life they’ve always wanted. 

A Word with Tom Ziglar How to Create Happiness, Joy, and Purpose in Your Life

As a speaker my greatest joy is sharing the Ziglar Performance Formula with leaders and team members. Helping people understand that everything changes when you begin to work for a dream and not a paycheck is an incredible experience. It is the ultimate in personal significance for me.

My passion for Ziglar Performance Formula and using it to WAKE UP the Zombie Workforce is why I have had the privilege of speaking all over the world, to small groups and to audiences of thousands; from billion-dollar companies, to Cambridge and Harvard Universities, to young people just getting started.

As long as there is a single person who is not yet engaged in what they do, as long as there is even one remaining Zombie in the workforce, I will be on the road, in the boardroom and the lunchroom, on the stage and in offices and cubicles across the world. Because, I love to see workforce Zombies get their wake-up call when I share the Ziglar Performance Formula, and the Ziglar Training.  

I can't wait to share them with you and this group.

Day 2 Sessions

Behind the Scenes, “Secrets Revealed” Guided Tour of Howard’s Multimillion $$$, Turnkey Company

Take a tour of my company and see the proven systems in action and you’ll meet my staff. You’ll be picked up at the hotel on a luxury motor coach and transported to our facility. Take pictures, video, and ask any question you like.

  • How we consistently generate new high end clients month after month
  • How our referral programs work
  • How our inside sales programs work
  • How we lead a team of 40 effectively
  • How our operations work day in and day out
  • How our techs consistently upsell $10k per month (and up to $26,400!) 

Networking Lunch Included

New Era Selling

How to Sell to Tough Buyers… and Turn Them Into Your Most Loyal Customers! – Patrick Valtin

For many professionals, selling is becoming an impossible mission. The first reason is: there are more and more competitors out there who swear they have a better product or service. The second reason is: the customer is getting more confused and more skeptical than ever. The more choice there is, the less easy it is to decide. And the money often seems to lack. There is a third reason: old-fashioned, classical selling does not work anymore. Whatever “great” argument you present, someone can present a “better one”. Your “best” logical proof of superiority does not guarantee that he will buy…from you!

Patrick is CEO/President of New Era Management International, Inc. as well as the founder of one of the biggest management training firms in Europe. Patrick has traveled to over 30 countries, training more than 100,000 people in the areas of sales, marketing, organization and leadership. Organizations that have attended his seminars include the USPS, Ford, General Motors, BMW, Mercedes, IBM, Remax and Century 21. 

Business Improvement Workshops with Inner Circle Coaches Santiago Arango and Rick Jones

The afternoon is dedicated to special workshops that will address other key areas of your business, led by people who have already mastered these areas in their companies.  

Rick Jones is a consultant, coach and trainer with Howard Partridge and Phenomenal Products. Since 2012 he has had the opportunity to train and coach Inner Circle members from Phenomenal Products and the Zig Ziglar Corporation.  

Prior to working with Howard, Rick was the Owner and President of the Houston Dale Carnegie Training Organization. He was with Dale Carnegie for 33 years. Rick had the opportunity to train with over 25,000 companies, such as IBM, Dow Chemical, Wal-Mart, Exxon Mobil, and the Houston Chronicle in developing employees to excel in their careers. 

During that time he won six personal International Sales Awards, the President’s Cup five times as well as the Chairman of the Board Club Award! However, his proudest achievement was the development of seventeen National Sales Award winners. Rick sold his business in 2009. 

After retiring for over a year, Howard contacted Rick and told him of an opportunity to help develop business owners. Rick realized that he still wanted to help people achieve their business goals. It has been a perfect fit.  

Santiago Arango has been helping small business owners for the past 16 years and while directing a very successful business in Houston he developed a passion for leadership and personal growth. 

As a Phenomenal Products Coach he has immense knowledge of the 5 core systems of business: Marketing, Sales Operations, Administrations and Leadership. 

As a John Maxwell Leadership team member, Zig Ziglar Legacy and Human Behavior expert he has an understanding of the needs and processes to develop ourselves before we help develop others.

Dinner on your own Friday evening.

Day 3 Sessions

Getting to “KFP” (a Known Financial Position) – Ellen Rohr 

Ellen Rohr build Benjamin Franklin Plumbing from zero to $40M in franchise sales in 18 months. After that, she traveled the country as a high paid consultant, helping companies get out of debt (including Howard’s). She is now building a franchise operation called ZOOM Drain and serves as a coach on Howard’s team.  

When Howard’s company was deep in debt and not making a profit, Ellen Rohr swooped in like Wonder Woman and got it back on track. The philosophy and systems she will share in this session are the same systems she used to do that.  

You’ll learn… 

  • How to Get to KFP (a Known Financial Position) 
  • What reports to look at 
  • Who needs to know the financials 
  • When to keep your accountant or when to let them go 
  • Simple steps to create bigger profits in your business  

The #1 Reason Small Businesses Don’t Grow (or do as well as they could): F.T.I. (Failure To Implement) 

Would you agree you would be more successful if you could just get MORE DONE in a day? That’s called IMPLEMENTATION.  

No matter what area of business or life, implementation is the key. In this session, Howard will share the latest, greatest message on how to get more done in less time than ever before.  

Howard has more projects on his plate than ever, but has more time to be at the beach than ever? How is that possible?  

You’ll learn his “secrets” and what he is learning about this subject so you can go back to your business and be inspired, focused and take massive action every day.  

Most often when you leave a seminar, you feel like you’re been doused with a fire-hose. Although you may feel that way before this session, Howard will show you how to organize your notes, your thoughts and action steps before you leave so you can get the most out of this seminar.  

Pre-Conference Workshop

*Pre-Conference Workshop Registration Required to Participate. There is an additional investment to attend Wednesday, October 25th Sessions.

As a small business owner, your online presence and how you use the internet to market your business is more important than ever before. The problem is most small business owners are being left in the dark. How do you know what to pay focus on? Which social media platform is best? How do you best leverage e-mail marketing? What should you do about your website?  

In this full day seminar, we’ll be your guide through the pitfalls of the ever changing digital world.  

Here’s what you’ll learn…  

Session 1 "How to Create a Successful Online Strategy for Your Small Business" 

Howard doesn’t consider himself to be an “expert” on internet marketing, but he is an expert on small business strategy. Learn how to avoid being sucked into the black hole of the digital world and what to focus on and why. Howard has successfully used the internet for many years, and continues to thrive online today. In this session, he will share how to leverage his simple internet marketing systems.

Session 2 "How to Build a Marketing Machine In Your Business"

You may have heard about social media marketing, CRM’s, email marketing, lead generation and selling online. If your head starts swimming at the thought of trying to figure out what this stuff is, you are not alone. 


Howard Partridge and Dana Clary, Business Growth Strategist with Sales and Marketing Technologies, will explain things in a simple easy to understand way. They will show you the role each one of these elements plays in your overall marketing strategy. Plus, they will share a proven system to tie the pieces together and help you create a “marketing machine” in your business. 

Lunch included: Q&A with the Digital Marketing Team - Ask the entire teaching team any question you like about digital marketing. 

Session 3 "Websites. Critical to your online business. What you need to know TODAY!"

Websites have evolved tremendously Do it yourself? Hire Someone? Who to hire? What works? What doesn’t? Why can’t people find me?  

What do I need to know today to keep my site relevant?  

This session will answer all of those questions and give you the latest and greatest news on what is affecting your site TODAY. Dana A. Clary, Business Growth Strategist with Sales and Marketing Technologies, gives the real time scoop.  

Session 4 "Top 10 ways to Market Your Business, an Interactive Discussion " 

We’ve discovered over 70 ways to market your business. In this lively interactive discussion, we discuss the top ways to market your business. And the top things you should STOP doing immediately! This session is led by Dana A. Clary.

*Pre-Conference Workshop Registration Required to Participate. There is an additional investment to attend Wednesday, October 25th Sessions.

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Free Coaching Session with Inner Circle Coach. $300.00 Value. On this coaching session, one of our trained coaches will learn about your current business challenges and recommend some solutions to help you improve your business before you even arrive at the event! 

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Attend the Live Inner Circle Weekly Webcast Every Week! Up to $594.00 Value! Every week Howard trains his Inner Circle members on the proven business systems he has used to build his own phenomenally successful companies, and that are transforming small businesses around the world! 

Bonus Item #6

Webcast Training Replay. Between the time you register and when you arrive at the event, you’ll have access to the Weekly Webcast Replay Page. This includes the most recent four webcasts that are posted right now (each week one disappears, so you want to register right away), then you will get the replay of each of the webcasts so you can listen to it again for deeper learning, or share it with your staff for training purposes. **Replay available 24/7 and can be played on any digital device. 

Total BONUS Value of OVER $1,600.00! 

Register Now! Recordings of this event will NOT be available for re-sale and can only be viewed by Inner Circle Members.  

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WARNING: This WILL sell out! 

At this conference, you will learn from the very best. I’ve applied my 32 years experience as a business owner, my 20 years of helping other business owners and what I’ve learned from the worlds top business trainers to create content that you don't want to miss.  

You’ll leave the conference feeling recharged and inspired with a list of 50+ systems that are required to transform your business into a predictable, profitable, turnkey operation!  

And remember, this conference comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.  

I hope to shake your hand at the event.


Howard Partridge and Tom Ziglar

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The Phenomenal Profits Conference will be an immersive and invaluable experience taking place over three action-packed days in the big city of Houston, Texas. 

Here’s what’a happening at this event: 


Wednesday, October 25:

Pre-Conference Workshop – How to Thrive in the Digital Marketing Revolution *Registration Required 8:00am – 4:30pm (Lunch Included)  

Thursday, October 26:

Conference Registration Pick Up Name Tags and Info Packets 7:30am – 8:00am  

Main Conference Sessions 8:00am – 5:00pm

Friday, October 27:

Company Tour *Included with Conference Registration 6:30am  

Main Conference Sessions 10:00am – 5:00pm

Saturday, October 28:

Main Conference Sessions 8:00am – 12:00pm  

*Please do not book your departure flight before 3:00pm.

**Agenda subject to change. Please check back for updates.


DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Houston Hobby Airport

8181 Airport Blvd, Houston, TX 77061 Phone: (713) 645-3000

The Phenmenal Profits Conference will be held at the newly renovated DoubleTree Hilton less than 1 mile from Houston's William P. Hobby Airport (HOU).

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