May 16 - 18 | Houston, Texas

Discover the Proven Secrets of a Phenomenal Business with Howard Partridge and Brian Tracy

A Message From Howard Partridge....

Two years from now, your business could be running itself and be worth 2.5 to ten times what it’s worth today. 

Or it could be consuming all your time and struggling to grow. 

The choice is yours.





On May 16-18 in Houston, Texas, Howard Partridge, recognized as an expert on small business by some of the top business experts in the world, and acclaimed business and success expert and author Brian Tracy will present at this three-day conference on how to make your small business yield significantly more profits while giving you the extra free time you always wanted.  

The event will be held at the luxurious DoubleTree Hilton at Hobby Airport. No need to rent a car. Just grab a taxi or the free shuttle and you’ll be there in no time. Special discounted room rates have been arranged for attendees. The cost to attend the conference is basically free (more details later). 

This conference will sell out soon. The size is being kept intentionally small so Howard, Brian and Tom can give you as much personal attention as possible. Plus not only will you connect with Howard and Brian, you’ll meet and share ideas with 200 highly motivated business owners like yourself. 

Here’s What You’ll Learn at this Conference…

Day 1: Tuesday, May 16th

On Day One, you’ll join the legendary Brian Tracy in his accelerated “One Day MBA” program. This fast-paced seminar is designed to shorten the learning curve by 95% Even if you already have an MBA, you’re sure to pick up dozens of useful street-smart ideas and strategies. 

Just be ready. Brian will deliver rapid-fire wisdom on strategic planning, marketing, sales, hiring, customer development, customer service and much more. And you’ll learn how to organize it all into a system to make more sales and more profits faster than you ever thought possible. 

Important: Brian Tracy heads a multi-million dollar development company. He’s consulted for more than a thousand companies and conducted seminars all over the world. He’s a best-selling author. But, you’ll find he’s a “real guy” who’s just as comfortable with a group of small business owners as he is with a Fortune 500 CEO. 

Because the group is being intentionally kept small, this is a chance for you to interact with Brian one-on-one. Prepare questions in advance and ask him! 

Day 2: Wednesday, May 17th

Make more money in less time 

The first regular session on Wednesday, Howard will talk about attracting, retaining and developing your company’s dream team. You’ll learn everything you need to know to get a superstar staff in place so your business can operate on its own without you. 

The next session focuses on how to generate an unlimited supply of business. Howard’s companies hit record sales and profits year after year. If you could use more customers, pay close attention. In this session, Howard will share his proven, undisputed, real marketing strategies to attract the right prospects that are pre-sold and ready to buy! 

The following session is all about sales. Howard will teach you a seven-step sales system so you can close more sales at higher prices. He also explains five proven ways to overcome price objections. Most importantly, he reveals the most profitable sale ever made that can double your profits literally overnight. 

Next Howard will conduct a session on delivering the best customer experience ever. He’ll reveal how to streamline your customer service by empowering your team, so they don’t have to always come to you with questions. That will be followed by a bonus session on automating your business with technology, so you can put many of the day-to-day tasks on auto-pilot. 

Day 3: Thursday, May 18th

Thursday’s morning session is all about money. Howard will discuss how to know where your business stands financially. How to track your numbers. Critical key performance indicators you need to monitor. And, most importantly, how to use this data to maximize your profits.

A Critical Paradigm Shift

Finally, Tom Ziglar, son of American business legend Zig Ziglar, will deliver a keynote speech and conference session. Tom, head of the Zig Ziglar Corporation, continues to deliver his father’s motivational message to high-achievers around the world. 

There is no one better to give you inspiration on the way out the door to arrive back your business turbocharged and ready to excel.

These three days will give you the tools you need to transform your business into everything you hoped it could be.

Who this conference is for, and not for...

This conference is for small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to make their business more profitable and efficient. Howard wants innovative “doers” who aren’t afraid to try new things. 

If you’re a corporate type who can’t act without committee approval, this event probably isn’t for you. 

Insane value, basically free!

Business conferences often cost thousands of dollars, But Howard has reduced the price from an already reasonable $997 to just $347 for the entire three-day event. Why has he done this? 

It’s simple mathematics. Howard knows that a certain percentage of attendees will want to continue working with him and sign up for his expensive personal coaching program. So to attract the kind of serious business people he’s looking for, he’s offering an amazing amount of value that you can take advantage of whether or not you ever work with him in the future.

“The Business is taking off! Huge Marketing Accomplishments!”

"The Inner Circle is a Game Changing Experience for Me and My Business!”

“I Fired Myself! My Business is Finally Turnkey.”

Look At All You Get!

1. The moment you sign up you’ll receive instant access to Howard’s 12-part marketing course “Phenomenal Marketing Systems.” In this home study course, you’ll learn the exact marketing systems that small business owners use in hundreds of industries around the world are using to revolutionize their companies. This training alone is currently on sale at Howard’s website for $497, so you’re already ahead $150.

2. A day-and-a-half of hands-on training by Howard Partridge. This conference isn’t a revolving door of motivational speakers getting you revved up with little substance. This is a hands-on workshop that will “go deep” into a blueprint for sales and operations that will enable your company profitably run itself - even without your participation. Howard’s techniques have generated hundreds of millions of dollars for his clients. Value: Potentially millions.

3. Brian Tracy’s famed “One-Day MBA.” Thousands have paid over $1,000 for this same training. Brian is one of the world's most sought after business success experts. Value: at least $1,000, probably priceless.

4. A keynote speech and conference session with Tom Ziglar, son of American business legend Zig Ziglar. Tom commands speaking fees of upwards of $10,000 and he’s worth every penny. He will redefine your perception of success and give you the mindset to change your life and those around you. Value: $500

5. Meals included. Howard is serious about making every minute count and he wants to make sure you’re able to focus 100% on the training. So he’s arranged for delicious gourmet meals to be served throughout the event. This is included at no cost to you. (Estimated value: $193)

Register Now! Seating Is Limited...

Better than risk-free guarantee

Add it up. This is an amazing value for you. You get way more than the fee for the conference. Howard is so sure you’ll find this a life-changing, transformative experience, that he’s offering you a better than risk-free guarantee. 

If at the end you aren’t recharged and inspired with a list of 50+ systems to turbocharge your business, Howard insists on giving you a full refund. And he even wants you to keep the 12-part home study marketing course and the Brian Tracy MBA workbook as his gift. 

Only a few spots left...

Howard wants to keep this gathering intimate so each attendee can get as much individual attention as possible. Therefore attendance is extremely limited. This offer was sent to Howard’s email list first and most the spots were immediately grabbed up. 

The rest remaining will sell out quickly. 

So if you want to participate, unless $347 is a hardship for you, don’t even think twice about it.

A Truly Incredible Value For Your Time and Money!

Register now to lock in your spot and receive “Phenomenal Marketing Systems” for immediate download.  

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When you attend the upcoming the upcoming Inner Circle Conference with myself and Brian Tracy, you get my 12 Part Marketing Course at NO CHARGE! A $347.00 value alone!

In this course you’ll learn the exact marketing systems I use to build my dream companies – and it’s the same systems small business owners just like you in hundreds of industries across the world are using to create record sales and profits year after year!

Double Your Monthly Sales in 90 Days! 



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  •  Keynote Presentation by Tom Ziglar 
  •  Tour of Howard's $3.2M Turnkey Company 
  •  Delicious Meals throughout the Event 

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