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If You’re a Restaurant Owner and You Want To Have Record Sales and Profits in 2014… You Want to Have a PROVEN Business Plan… and Learn the Most Advanced, Most Effective, Most “Phenomenal” Marketing Strategies EVER…

and Meet Michael Gerber, Author of The E-Myth and the WORLD's #1 Small Business Expert...


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Dear Friend and Restaurant Owner,

Do you remember why you went into business for yourself? Was it to make a lot of money? Or was it to "be your own boss"... to "chart your own course" ... to have a little more "free" time?

 Yeah right!

 The brutal reality of most restaurant owners lives is you feel like a slave to the business, there's very little family time, there's major stress, no real freedom, the business consumes your mind 24/7 and you feel like you have a "job" rather than a business.

Your day is consumed putting out "brush fires"!

Can you relate to that?

I sure can.

I started my first business out of the trunk of my car over 29 years ago. After being in business for 13 years, I felt like a slave to my business. I loved to travel, but when I did, much of the vacation was spent talking to customers and employees back home.

  Then I learned 2 BIG SECRETS that changed my life forever...

e-mythI read a little book called The E-Myth Revisited  by Michael E. Gerber and learned that you have to have SYSTEMS in your business if you don't want to be a slave to it.

By building systems in my business, I transformed it into a multi-million dollar, turnkey enterprise that is turnkey.

I have 40 staff members that love their work which allows me to do what I love to do - help small restaurant owners become phenomenally successful.

In 1998, I began teaching my systems to other business owners. As it turns out, I was speaking at the same convention as Michael Gerber . The seminar promoter arranged for us to meet over breakfast.

Over the past 40+ years, Michael Gerber has touched the lives of more business owners, managers and entrepreneurs throughout the world than any other individual has. His E-Myth book has been named by the Wall Street Journal as the single most influential book of all time.


His companies have coached, mentored, trained and facilitated more than 70,000 business owners in 145 countries. His books are among the top selling books of all time on the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, Inc. Magazine, and many more lists.

It was Inc. Magazine that first called him...

"The World's #1 Small Business Expert"

Now YOU can meet the inventor of the iconic phrase "go to work ON your business, not IN it" members 397.00 Per Company!

(Normally $997.00 - You Save $600.00)

The 2014 SECRETS of a PHENOMENAL Business Conference

February 6th -8th Double Tree Houston Hobby Airport in Houston , TX

  • Meet World-Famous Michael Gerber in Person
  • Learn Zig Ziglar's PROVEN Goals System
  • Leave the Event with a PROVEN, Written PLAN for 2014
  • Learn How to Generate an UNLIMITED Supply of Your Perfect Clients
  • Go Behind the Scenes of My Highly Systematized, Multi-Million Dollar, Turnkey Operation
  • Meet Restaurant Owners Just Like You That Have Added Over $100k Per Year to Their Businesses

The Phenomenal Secrets Conference Agenda

 Day 1: Thursday February 6th, 2014

 Session1: How to Reach Your Biggest L.I.F.E. Goals by Howard Partridge


L.I.F.E. stands for Living In Freedom Every day. There’s no freedom in being a slave to your business. There’s no freedom in being broke. There’s no freedom in not having positive relationships. The goal is to be free in your mind and your heart so you can become the person you were born to be.

 In this session, you’ll learn…  

 Zig Ziglar’s Proven Goal Setting System…

In November, I became the very FIRST Zig Ziglar Legacy Trainer on the planet. Zig Ziglar was the greatest inspirational teacher of our time. When he passed away last year, it made national news. It is estimated that Zig’s message touched a quarter of a billion people during his lifetime. He is currently the most quoted speaker on earth.


Part of my mission is to carry on the legacy of Zig Ziglar because his philosophy is needed in our world more than ever before. All success starts with a goal, so I’ll kick off the event with Zig’s proven goal setting system that has changed lives all over the world.

Session 2: How to PLAN Your Business for Phenomenal Success

My second published book 5 Secrets of a Phenomenal Business  will be released February 4th.  If you want to have more free time to spend with your family, you’ll need to get your business in order. In this session, I’ll lead you through PLANNING Your Business for Phenomenal Success in 2014. I’ll walk you through the same simple business plan that I use to generate millions of dollars in my companies.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this session…

How to Set Your Business VISION for 2014 and Beyond

˜How to Develop Your Business MISSION and Why It’s Important

˜How to Get Your Business ORGANIZED

˜How to Make More Money in Your Business in 2014  

Session 3: How to Create a Flood of Referrals (without even asking for them) by Referral Marketing Expert David FreyDaveFreyShot

Restaurant owners say that 85% of their new business comes from referrals, yet only a fraction have any kind of referral system. A referral marketing system is the key to getting the most profitable, high end clients. David Frey is internationally known as one of the TOP Referral Marketing experts in the world.

Dave is a brilliant marketer, and the guy I go to for marketing advice. At this event Dave will teach you from his latest, greatest teachings… How to Create a Referral Explosion. If you understand how important referrals are, you do NOT want to miss his presentation!

Session 4: How to Generate and Unlimited Supply of Your Perfect Clients – Howard Partridge 

  • How to Attract Your Perfect Client Type You’ll learn the secrets of attracting the 5secretsbookkinds of clients you want – the kind that willingly pay your price and are a pleasure to do business with. You’ll finally be able to “just say NO” to price shoppers!
  • How to Create a Referral Marketing Machine! The mistake that most restaurant owners make is “chasing suspects” who never end up buying. Instead, I’ll show you how to tap into powerful Referral SOURCES that can GIVE you an unlimited supply of your perfect niche clients – IF you know how to approach them properly. My companies generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in new clients every year through these methods. And this system has helped my members double and triple their businesses.
  • 3 Steps to Creating Phenomenal Marketing Copy Most restaurant owners have NO IDEA how to create marketing copy. I’ll give you three proven steps to get better results immediately.
  • How to Generate Clients Out of “Thin Air”  This is what I call “fastest growth tool ever” for restaurant owners. It is a strategy that all smart business owners use, that will help you grow faster than ever.
  • How to Avoid the Biggest Marketing Mistake of ALL! Almost every small business owner I’ve every met is making this mistake. This system can literally double your business in the next 6 to 12 months, but sadly very few restaurant owners do it. And it’s very simple!
  • Internet Marketing, E-Mail Marketing and Social Media Marketing Made EASY! Stop wasting your life online and “invest” a little bit of time for big returns. Learn what to do and what not to do in small business. Many restaurant owners have such poor websites that make me want to RUN!  Huge mistakes are being made on social media and e-mail marketing (that could make you BOAT LOADS) of money is almost non-existent. I’ll show you how to make it EASY and EFFECTIVE!
  • My Step-by-Step Phenomenal Marketing System REVEALED! I  line out my proven systems I have used to market many types of businesses including my own. I have used these methods to position myself at the top in 3 different industries, to be the #1 recruiter in a network marketing company in 2009, and to get my first published book to #1 in 3 categories on and restaurant owners are having record sales and profits around the world in small towns and big cities in dozens of industries right now.

Session 5:  Meet Real Business Owners That Have Added Over $100k Per Year to Their Businesses…

The systems I teach aren’t just theory, and don’t work just for me. Right now, they are working in thousands of small businesses in dozens of industries in at least 7 countries. You’ll meet restaurant owners from around the world that are having phenomenal success and they will tell you how they do it.

Video Series... The Phenomenal Power

of Attending Live Events...



Just a couple of the HUNDREDS of Testimonials We Have...

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 I will be teaching this series personally and you can ask me any question you like and I will apply my 29 years experience and 17 years of working with small business owners around the world and working with the world’s top business trainers to your problem or opportunity.

 BONUS ITEM #3: Bring Your Spouse at NO ADDITIONAL charge!

Why do we encourage you to bring your spouse? Have you ever tried to explain what the speaker said at a conference? You need support from those that around you, so bring your spouse so you can plan your business and life together. *If you are not married, you can bring a business partner or key manager. The owner of the business must attend.

 BONUS ITEM #4: Save $600.00 with your Registration Rate

You get two tickets for ONLY 397.00. This event is $997.00 at the door, and worth every penny because there is no other event where you will get the value, the care, and the proven systems like you will get at the Secrets Conference.  

 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you cannot attend this event for any reason, keep the training systems and you will get tickets to our next conference. If you attend all three days of the event and you are not completely satisfied we will cheerfully give you a 100% refund.


Day 2: Friday February 7th Break Out Sessions

Presented by's
Jim Laube and Joe Erickson

Breakout Session 1: How to Create a High Performance Culture – The Foundation for Transforming Your Restaurant for Sustainable, Long Term Success

In this session Jim Laube presents...

  • Why culture is the key to sustainable, long term success and how it affects everything in your restaurant
  • How highly successful restaurants have created a culture of excellence and reaped significant rewards
  • 6 practical and proven steps that will dramatically improve your culture – GUARANTEED!

Morning Session 2:  How to STOP Being a SLAVE to Your Business and Transform It Into a Predictable, Profitable, Turnkey Operation!

In this session, you’ll learn…

  • The Systems Checklist - See exactly where you are now and where you need to go to be turnkey.
  • The 7 Reasons Systems are Critical
  • The 5 Components of a System
  • The Reason Most Small Businesses Don’t Grow

Breakout Session 3: Inspiring Your Staff to Be System Implementers

In this session, Joe Erickson presents…

  • Failure to Implement- Why many restaurants fail to implement systems.
  • The 3 Step Process for Successful Systems Implementation
  • Improving Systems For Maximum Guest Impact
  • 90-Day Plan to Defeat FTI (Failure to Implement)

Breakout Session 4: Profitable Business Skills - How to Manage the Financial Side of Your Restaurant

  • How to determine your restaurant's profit potential - how much money you SHOULD be making
  • Know how your restaurant is REALLY doing by comparing your operation to industry averages and standards
  • How to read and understand your P&L and why it should be one of the biggest controls in any restaurant
  • How to prepare one simple weekly report that can lower your food and labor costs 2% to 4% of sales and boost your profit 50% or more

Day 3: Saturday February 8th

 Session 1:  World Famous Michael Gerber 

MichaelGerberShotInc. Magazine called him the “world’s #1 small business expert”. His work has helped over 70,000 businesses across the world. He invented the phrases “work on the business instead of in it” and “turnkey”. Michael Gerber has a gift. He has a gift to motivate you from “ordinary” to “extraordinary”. He will show you how to take ordinary people and get extraordinary results. He will show you how to go from thinking “ordinary” to being world-class. Michael will challenge you and you will never be the same again. That’s a promise. He has changed my thinking about business more than anyone else.

 Session 2: How to Automate Your Sales and Marketing

 The biggest marketing mistake of all is not marketing to past clients. They know, you love you and pay your prices. And they are your primary source of referrals. Do you have a system in place to stay in touch? Do you have a system that will automatically move people from suspect to prospect, from prospect to customer, customer to client, and client to a raving fan? Do you have a mailing program? E-mail marketing program? A good database program?

In this session, you will learn how to systematize your sales and marketing.