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Free Video: "A Longing for Belonging - The 3 Keys to a Phenomenal Culture"

This video is from my most recent conference, and is the most important message you could ever learn about taking your business (and life) to the next level. For a limited time, get this full length conference video at no charge just for checking out the upcoming Inner Circle Member Conference.

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What's the ONE Thing You Could Do in 2016 to Have Your Most Phenomenal Year EVER?

Find Out at The Howard Partridge Inner Circle Conference in Houston February 11th - 13th

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"The ONE Thing - The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Success"

Based on The ONE Thing, Gary Keller's #1 Wall Street Journal bestseller featured on more than 190 bestseller lists, this seminar reveals the surprisingly simple truth behind extraordinary results.

Keller’s previous books have sold more than 1.3 million copies worldwide, and his company, Keller Williams Realty, has become the largest residential real estate company in the world.

In addition, he’s been awarded Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year award, and has been a finalist for Inc. Magazine’s Entrepreneur of the Year award.

And he's done it all by living ONE Thing.

The ONE Thing is a book for busy people who want to accomplish more by doing less.

Gary Keller’s proven business model that is transforming businesses in many industries will be revealed at this event!

It All Happens at the...

Howard Partridge with Gary Keller
(Mr. Keller will not be present at this event.)

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  • Jan 19th: How to Stay Organized and Focused Every Day
  • Jan 26th: The 5 Steps to Changing Habits
  • Feb 2nd: Business Planning Part 1
  • Feb 9th: Business Planning Part 2
  • Feb 16th: Business Planning Part 3
  • Feb 23rd: Business Planning Part 4
registration is closedYou must call a team member to reserve seats, if any are available.

Dear Fellow Business Owner,

You are cordially invited to attend our member conference. Our conferences keep getting better and better.


Because our members are growing!

Our members are making more money, they are building systems in their business, and they are spending more time with their families.

Do you realize what impact a live event can have on your business and life?

Hear what Inner Circle Members Have to Say About That--->

The ONE most important thing you can do as a business owner is get away from your business, and get away from the “pressure-cooker” of life every 90 days to work ON your business and work ON your success.

That’s the pattern that has worked for me. Live events have changed my life. Our events have changed our member’s lives and businesses.

I want to invite you to come see what it’s all about!


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Howard Partridge
International Business Coach
Exclusive Small Business Coach for Ziglar, Inc.
#1 Best-Selling Author


"Ive learned more about business from Howard over the last few years than from anyone else. Howard is not only helping our small business customers make more money and build their businesses, but they have more time with their family too"

– Tom Ziglar
Proud Son of Zig Ziglar
CEO of Ziglar, Inc.

Here’s What’s Happening at this “Phenomenal” Event…

(schedule of events subject to change without notice)

Thursday February 11th

How to Have Your Most Phenomenal Year EVER!
– Howard Partridge

What would “your most phenomenal year ever” look like for you?More profit? More balance in your life? Be a better person? Your business is growing?

Over the past few months, Howard has spent time with some of the world’s top business trainers including John Maxwell, Gary Keller, Michael Gerber and more. In this session, Howard will share what he has learned about success this past year, and how you can apply it to your business and life.

You'll learn...

  • How to develop a powerful, compelling vision for your life
  • How to find your "why" in life
  • How to reach your biggest dreams and goals
  • The step-by-step formula to have your most PHENOMENAL Year EVER
  • Biggest lessons learned from the world's most successful business leaders

How to Generate An Unlimited Supply of Your Target Prospects

In this session, Howard will lay out his proven strategies for generating record sales and profits with his Phenomenal M.A.P. (Marketing Action Plan). Not just theory, not just tactics, but a specific plan of action.

Simple-Dimple Social Media Marketing

Are you lost as a “goose in the fog” when it comes to social media?

Exhausted trying to stay ahead of the game? Taken advantage by the “online expert of the day” that ends up being a flop? You’re not alone. In this session, we’ll clear it up for you and make it SIMPLE-DIMPLE!

For a long time, Howard has positioned himself online. From the old days of forums, to today’s most popular platforms, Howard has excelled by making it simple. Plus, you’ll learn that you may not need to do much of what you are doing. Come find out what’s up in social!

"Debt Free!"

"I joined the Inner Circle 2 years ago and it was a life-changing event. I was $16k in credit card debt, couldn't manage my time well, and had no direction. I am no completely out of credit card debt!"

– Ruth Hoyt
Photo Bound Tours LLC
Linn, TX

(VIP Ticket Required)

During lunch, connect with the community and get a new lesson from Howard’s lunch and learn process.

Get special training and the meal plan with the VIP Pass. You'll get to attend two special networking lunch n' learns where you'll interact with our members who are already learning my systems. Plus you'll get to to attend a special VIP dinner where Howard Partridge will lead the group in a unique learning experience.

  • Includes Special Dinner just before the workshop on Thursday evening
  • A Special Evening Experience with Howard Partridge - "Advanced Referral Marketing"
  • Special Networking Lunch n' Learn Thursday - Learn a new success strategy and meet successful Inner Circle members
  • Special Networking Lunch n' Learn Friday - Learn a new success strategy and meet successful Inner Circle members

"From a disorganized $225K to a smooth $1.5M"

Our business grew from $225k to $1.5M and is still growing. Howard’s referral marketing was so effective; we have to turn it off!

– Eric Sprague
Shamrock Restoration
Liberty, UT

Half-Day Workshop with Howard Partridge…

How to STOP Being a SLAVE to Your Business and TRANSFORM It
Into a Predicable, Profitable, Turnkey Operation

Discover How to BREAK-FREE From the Demands of Your "Everyday
Business" and TRANSFORM It Into a Predictable, Profitable, Turnkey
Operation that Gives You the FREEDOM You've Always Wanted

During this special session at the conference, you’ll learn how business owners around the world are having record sales and profits (while having more time off).

You’ll learn the same systems they are using, and you’ll go through a powerful business assessment that reveals where your business is right now. You’ll discover the strong and weak areas of your business so you’ll know what to work on first.

10 strategies you'll learn in these sessions...

1. How to STOP Being a SLAVE to Your Business
(and transform it into a predictable, profitable, turnkey operation)

2. The 5 Phenomenal Business Systems Assessment
(The road map to freedom in your business)

3. The 5 Vital Components of a System of EVERY Business
(Learn these components to get your business organized)

4. The ONLY 3 Ways to Increase Sales
(most focus on the WRONG one first!)

5. The Most Profitable Sale EVER Made
(double your profits starting immediately with this strategy)

6. The Biggest Marketing Mistake EVER!
(most business owners are making this mistake right now)

7. Four Case Studies of Current Business Owners
(that are having RECORD Sales AND More Time Off!)

8. The ONE and ONLY Reason Your Business Exists
(and why it's important)

9. How to Close More Sales at Higher Prices
(Learn my proven 7 step sales process)

10. The #1 Reason Small Businesses Don't Grow
(and what to do about it)

Ask Any Questions You Like and We'll Apply 3 Decades of Business Experience,
20 Years of Coaching Other Business Owners to Phenomenal Success,
and What We've Learned from the World's TOP Business Trainers

Recently I was watching comments on a Facebook post about how to build a business and 100% of the comments were DEAD WRONG! It was a serious case of the “blind leading the blind”.

At this half day workshop, you can ask me your most pressing, keeping-you-up-at-night question and I’ll apply my 30 years experience as a business owner, my 20 years of helping other business owners and what I’ve learned from the worlds top business trainers to your biggest challenge.

You’ll leave this workshop with a list of 50+ systems that are required to transform your business into a predictable, profitable, turnkey operation!

registration is closedYou must call a team member to reserve seats, if any are available.

"Quadrupled Our Business and Bought Out Our Competitor"

"All the events rejuvenate me and remind me of things that I should be working on. Get priorities and goals back on track. I love networking with other members and the phenomenal products team."

– Stefanie & Jeremy Overturf
Overturf's Floor & Fabric Care
Bradenton, FL

(VIP Ticket Required)

Advanced Referral Marketing Systems –
How to DOUBLE or TRIPLE Your Referral Source Referrals

Referral Partner Marketing is the secret to record sales and profits. Our team has DOUBLED our partner referrals in less than a year.

These phenomenal referral marketing reps doubled the referrals at Howard’s service company. In this session, you’ll learn directly from marketing director Aliki and her team. They will show you what they do, how they do it and how you can implement these advanced systems in your business as well.

Friday February 12th

Behind-the-Scenes Guided Tour of My Highly Systematized,
Turnkey Operation

Take an optional tour of my company and see the proven systems in action and you’ll meet my staff. You’ll be picked up at the hotel on a luxury motor coach and transported to our facility. Take pictures, video, and ask any question you like.

Here's what you'll learn...

  • How we consistently generate new high end clients month after month
  • How our referral programs work
  • How our inside sales programs work
  • How we lead a team of 40 effectively
  • How our operations work day in and day out
  • How our techs consistently upsell $10k per month (and up to $26,400!)

*The tour requires a slight additional investment to compensate extra staff, refreshments and transportation.

Special Keynote Presentation: The ONE THING...

  • Combat the six lies that destroy productivity and derail results
  • Implement the Ultimate Success Habit into your efforts
  • Identify the four thievesthat hold you back from extraordinary results
  • Accomplish your goals by Goal Setting to the Now
  • Drill down to the ONE Thing you can do right now that will make everything else easier or unnecessary

Afternoon Break-Out Sessions

We will have a number of break-outs designed to help you implement,
build systems and to help you have your MOST phenomenal year EVER!

A Spiritual Night that Will Absolutely Blow You Away!

We would be remiss if we talked to you about success, but failed to share about the most important spoke on the Wheel of Life, and that is the Spiritual spoke. We call this Spiritual Night because it isn’t “religion night”. We will not make you feel uncomfortable if you attend, or if you don’t attend.

However… you do NOT want to miss this. Recently Howard had an experience that absolutely blew him away. And I know it will you too. And as Forrest Gump said “that’s all we have to say about that”. You’ll have to come and experience it yourself to understand.

Saturday February 13th

Open-Heart Encounters – The “Kingpin” of Community

Meet “Mrs. Phenomenal” as she and Howard share the Secrets of a Phenomenal Marriage

At the Ziglar Business Growth Conference, Howard shared his most important message ever. It was called “A Longing for Belonging”. This is a message that has been burning in his spirit for many years and he came to realize that it was the most important message for building a phenomenal life and business.

He hired Juanell Teague who promoted Zig Ziglar in the past. She specializes in helping speakers and authors find and develop their unique message.

Howard met with Juanell and her colleague Karyn for two hours every week for FIVE-MONTHS to develop this message. It was powerful and Juanell was in the audience.

After the presentation, she said to Howard “You know, the kingpin of this entire message is Step 5 (Open-Heart Encounters). I would like to help you organize a keynote around Open-Heart Encounters.

Of course Howard immediately agreed, and he will present this new message for the first time at this event.

Here’s the interesting thing… Notice the definitions of the word “kingpin” according to Wikipedia…

“A vertical bolt used as a pivot” – this is the bolt that controls the steering on an automobile. Your business is a vehicle to help you achieve your life goals. This message contains the main key to steer your business in the right direction.

“A person or thing that is essential to the success of an organization or operation” –

Community creates success (and more importantly significance) in every life and every organization. Open-Heart Encounters is the “kingpin”.

In this session, you’ll learn how to avoid the negative connotations of “kingpin” and discover the power of Open-Heart Encounters in your life and business.

Special Valentine’s Day Experience

Since Valentine’s Day is the day after our last conference meeting date, we will do a special exercise that will help you create a stronger connection with those you love. If your spouse cannot come, you’ll be able to bring this experience home with you as well.


Attend for Only 97 Bucks!
PLUS Get My Weekly Online Training at NO CHARGE for 1 Month When You Register

Every week Howard teaches a new piece of the proven system and shares the latest, greatest business building strategies he’s learning from the world’s top business trainers. Plus, you can ask Howard any question you like on the webcast.

If you miss the live webcast, you can replay it up to four weeks after the broadcast.

Just sit back in front of your computer, download the weekly hand out, learn and take notes! You’ll improve your business before you even arrive at the conference!

Register for only 97 bucks (you and your spouse or business partner), and get access to Howard's Live Weekly Webcast for 1 Month at NO CHARGE!

registration is closedYou must call a team member to reserve seats, if any are available.

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